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Mr Flibble's Bases.
2 Team CTF style map converted from TF version of FLIB10B. Slight enhancements made for Half-Life engine. Medium sized, for 10-14 players, aimed at fast paced games.
Released : April 1999
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 Installation Instructions:
1) Download the map of your choice.
2) Unzip and place the <mapname>.BSP and <mapname>.txt files into your HalfLife\Valve\Maps directory. Create the maps subdirectory with HalfLife\TFC if required.
3) Start Half-Life with the Team Fortress Classic mod (you can use 'HL -game TFC' at the command line/dos prompt).
4) Join a server playing the map, or use 'map xxxx' at the console to go straight to the map. (use HL -game TFC -console, to give access to console)
5) Enjoy.
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