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2 Evil.
Conversion of my Team Fortress map 2EVIL2F to Quake2 CTF. As requested by
Vegeta Vegeta
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 Installation Instructions:
1) Download the map of your choice.
2) Unzip the .BSP file into your maps sub-directory (either in Quake2\baseq2\maps or quake2\ctf\maps). Create the maps sub-directory if it does not exist.
3) Place any textures in your Quake2\baseq2 sub-directory (preserving the directory structure). For example, the textures (*.WAL files) for 2EVILCTF should reside in Quake2\baseq2\textures\2evil2f
4) Start Quake2 with the CTF mod (or another CTF variant) (you can use 'Quake2 +set game ctf' at the command line/dos prompt).
5) Join a server playing the map, or use 'map xxxx' at the console to go straight to the map.
6) Enjoy.
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